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HC018 - MDF Floral Sewing Machine - Set of 3 Kits

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Beautiful set of three Sewing themed kits featuring floral accents. This multi-layered set of kits have lots of individual elements to allow you to create your own amazing creations. Mix and match the accents across the kits. Featuring a large 30cm wide sewing machine with hanging holes, floral mannequin and a thread spool, the perfect sets to buy for any sewing enthusiasts.


1 x Sewing Machine - 30x23.5cm

Includes -

1 banner - 18x4.3cm

1 x Mannequin - 25x7cm

1 x Thread Spool - 10x15cm

Includes -

1 thread spool base - 10x15cm

1 needle - 1x16cm

1 pc thread - 4x12.5cm

Includes mixed flower embellishments.

•Three gorgeous sets.

•Multi layered and accents can be used across each of the sets.

•Individual elements for ease of painting and decoration.

•Perfect for mixed media.

•Lasercut from premium medite MDF.